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About me

De Vita Nova, Dondolo. (2012)

170 x 120 x 49 in ////425 x 300 x 123 cm

Wood, spandex, transparent plastic film, nylon poly-twine, paper drop cloth, steel wire, aluminum sheets, rolled pristine canvas, brushes, oil color tubes, acrylic color bottles, a bag of colored sand, a length of heavy nylon rope, lots of blank paper sheets, music score sheets, a recorder, percussion devices, a wall-clock, and a few telescopic lenses.
A jar of sacramental oil.
A lamp, and other lights.

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More photos
My 'Dondoli' have a rounded bottom that allows them to freely rock/roll in space. ('Dondolare', It.: to rock.)
Watching these large, heavy structures, when gently nudged, sway peacefully, even if just for a brief while, strikes a powerful chord in my heart. The whole event, accompanied by random cricking of wood against wood, swishing of rope against canvas, or paper. can lead one into deep meditation: life oscillating, rebounding between opposites.
My larger Dondoli are built on a vast quasi-semicircular base, a constant component of their structures: the stage on which my plays come to life.
And even when my Dondoli stand still, a great power is nevertheless at play: for the anticipation exists, when I spy on them, that soon, somehow, they will, perhaps out of their own volition, resume a gentle sway this way and the other.
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More photos

Rotondi (2011)

Two pieces suspended
from ceiling,
connected to each other
via cables and pulleys.

Dyed strips of canvas
on wood stretchers.
Steel pulleys, cables
and other hardware.

Height of entire work
is variable.
Back piece:
102 inches diameter.
12 inches, depth.


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Previous Work

Arte Povera, Dondolo. //(2013)

Wood, plastic/paper drop cloth, rope.
170 x 120 x 111in. ////
425 x 300 x 277cm.


Dyed strips of canvas over wood structure.

126 x 50 x 16 inches
315 x 125 x 40 cm.

Three Characters in Search of a Stage Dondoli. 2014

Wood, glass cloth, paper, tape, tempera, acrylic paint.

Dimensions variable. Approximate height 123 inches.




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Each piece approximately
30 in. in diameter,
120 in. tall.
75 cm. x 300 cm.
Acrylic, and other media on canvas, on fiberglass and PV Resin.

Tre Dondoli
in cerca d'installazione.'


'Three Dondoli
in search
of installation.'

C'era una Volta

Wood, paper, drop cloth,canvas,
plaster, acrylic paint
170 x 126 x 115in. ////
425 x 315 x 287cm.

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